Be aware of the notable achievements of Assia Djebar

Be aware of the notable achievements of Assia Djebar

Novelists and filmmakers around the world will get huge fans and very good recognition. Assia Djebar was a famous novelist who wrote regarding oppression of Arab women. She was an Algerian-born writer and also filmmaker. She was known for her extraordinary projects in both films and novels sectors. Her widely admired work explored the women’s plight in the male-centric Arab world. She diet at a Paris hospital when she was 78 years old. 

There are so many popular novels and short stories written by Djebar in her career life. Some of these works are The Mischief in 1957, The Impatient Ones in 1958, Children of the New World in 1962, The Naïve Larks in 1967, Red is the Dawn which was completed with the help of her husband Walid Garn and published in the review Pomesses and Poems for a Happy Algeria in1969, Women of Algiers in Their Apartment in 1980, A Sister to Scheherazade in 1987, So Vast the Prison in 1994, Algerian White in 1995, The Disappearance of the French Language in 2003.

Successful records of Djebar

In 2005, Assia Djebar was elected to the Academie Francaise. She was a woman of conviction and her multiple and fertile identities entirely fed her work between two nations Algeria and France in particular between Berber, Arab, and French. She was the first Muslim woman and Algerian student to be accepted to the France’s elite school namely Ecole Normale Superieure. She was the first writer from North America elected to the Academie Francaise.

Djebar wrote over 15 books including poems, plays and novels. All these books were translated into 23 languages. If you have decided to know about the subordination of woman in the complex and difficult Arab society, then you can prefer and read the novel So Vast the Prison written by Djebar. The short-story collection namely The Tongue’s Blood Does Not Run Dry is a good option for you to spend the leisure in the useful way.